Frequently Asked Questions

What is the elevateHER empowerHER Program?


empowerHER is our flagship program where we foster girl’s sense of adventure, empower them to push themselves and create lasting bonds to support their positive self-worth. Over the course of 10-weeks, girls will meet for 6 hours a week and engage in activities such as hiking, rock climbing and yoga. Additional holistic topics such as positive body-image and mental health first aid will be covered. Each 10 week session ends with an overnight capstone expedition to celebrate all that participants learn during their programming session. empowerHER aims to graduate girls into mentor roles, where they can share their experience with new participants and become masters of the technical skills needed to be confident explorers.


Who is eligible for the empowerHER program?


Any girl in 6th-12 grade in Chaffee County or neighboring counties including but not limited to: Lake, Freemont, Custer, and Park County are welcome to join elevateHER.


How much does it cost to participate in the empowerHER Program?


Our empowerHER Program is free! We strive to ensure that all girls have the opportunity to participate in our empowerHER program regardless of their families ability to pay. elevateHER asks families to contribute what they can so that we can continue to offer high quality programming taught by trained professionals.


Each 10-week session costs elevateHER approximately $1100 for 1 girl to participate in our program, including our overnight expeditions. We know this is unattainable for many of our families. If you aren’t able to contribute monetarily, we ask you to volunteer your time and expertise as an in-kind contribution


Does my girl need outdoor experience to participate in the empowerHER program?


No, in fact, our empowerHER program is the perfect place for your girl to gain new outdoor skills! elevateHER staff provides a supportive and encouraging environment and will always meet participants where they are at. 


Does my girl need to bring food to programming?


elevateHER provides all snacks and lunches on programming days. On overnight trips such as our capstone expedicition we will provide all meals. We ask that all girls leave their personal food and beverages at home.


Does my girl need to bring her own gear to programming?


elevateHER will provide all gear for all of the activities we engage in. We can also provide apparel, backpacks, and shoes by request.


What about transportation?


elevateHER provides transportation from Riverside Park in Salida and from Main Street/Railroad in Buena Vista with our 15 passenger van. We may occasionally ask parents to drop off/pick up from our clubhouse located at 23850 US HWY 285 (RMOC) Buena Vista, CO. 


How does staff communicate with parents/guardians?


elevateHER staff use the free app Whatsapp to communicate with parents/guardians. Parents and guardians must download the app and will be added to a group aligning with their girls cohort. Each week parents/guardians will receive messages with programming details for that week and will receive updates from staff on programming days regarding times, locations,etc. Parents and guardians can also use the group message to communicate with staff and other parents/guardians in their cohort 


How long does a programming day last?


A typical programming day will run 9:30 am-3:30 pm. Times will vary based on activity, weather and transportation delays. 


Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

We’re happy to help! Contact Jenny at 719-285-4243 or