Outdoor Adventures

Although, many residents of Chaffee County live within a stone throws of many outdoor activities, community members report that they spend little time participating in outdoor recreation.


Obstacles such as lack of transportation, lack of proper gear, and the high financial cost of outdoor sports, limit the participation in such activities. This causes many residents to not use the natural resources of the area. Yet, research shows that getting outside regularly makes people happier and healthier; these results are tenfold in children and young adults. 


The primary goal of elevateHER is to not only train young women in outdoor activities but to develop lifelong skills to lead successful lives. Each week, programming will include two sessions outside to familiarize each participant with a several outdoor sports. Programming will include rock climbing, rafting, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and stand up paddle boarding.


Women within the community who are experienced and can train participants on how to safely participate will lead each activity. Success in outdoor activities will give each participant confidence to excel in other areas such as academics. This newfound confidence will also enable older participants to mentor the younger participants. elevateHER will have a holistic approach to all programming caring for each participants mind, body, and soul.