Mindfulness, Yoga, and Meditation

Twice a month,  the program participants will be guided through yoga and meditation practices. Not only will this allow the girls to gain physical and mental strength but also it will give them a tool to use in stressful situations. Benefits of yoga include increased muscle tone, improved respiration, energy, and vitality, improved athletic ability, and maintaining a balanced metabolism. Yoga allows the participant to focus on breathing during physical exercises, a useful mechanism that can be used in other environments.

Meditation can also be used as such. Meditation helps one’s emotional well-being. It lessens worry, anxiety, fear, insecurity and increases optimism, relaxation, and awareness. Meditation also increases mental strength and focus, helps participant’s process information better, and allows one to ignore outside distractions. Last, it improves the body through reducing blood pressure, improves breathing, and improves immune system.  


Every month, elevateHER hosts wellness workshops. In the summer, these include short classes on nutrition, stress, menstruation, personal needs, and healthy living. Classes are followed by a yummy and nutritious group dinner and then  time in the tipi. Tipi time is a time for us to come together as women and discuss important topics such as how important our words are, how to change our stories, self-care, and different personal grounding practices. The girls loved having a safe space to speak about different topics.

During the winter, wellness workshops will cover a wide range of topics that are not taught in a traditional school setting. In addition, to covering some of the same subjects discussed in the summer, elevateHER will be hosting workshops on self-esteem, confidence, body image, personal finances, networking, and resumes.

Leadership Skills And Confidence

It is of the utmost importance to include educational classes that will help our participants build their leadership skills and confidence. 

Classes will focus on how to become a strong leader within the community, what characteristics a good leader has, and how to create change within their community. Leadership training opportunities will also be provided in the outdoor programming with girls slowly taking over planning for outdoor trips. The participants will also help hone their newfound skills through providing input on programming for the upcoming year. 

 Learning Activities 

Leadership Styles
Leader of the Day
Leadership Grids
Leadership Workbooks