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Empowering Girls Through
Outdoor adventure

Summer 2022 Rafting Clinic (1)

elevateHER is a nonprofit organization based in Chaffee County, Colorado, that uses a holistic approach to programming that lets us nurture each girl’s mind, body, and soul.

  • “elevateHER has changed me for the better. This program doesn’t just teach girls to rock climb or hike or raft. It teaches us that we have power, it teaches us confidence, and most importantly it teaches us that we are all amazing through and through.”

    Izzy, age 14
    an elevateHER member

  • “I started elevateHER this summer. At first I was a bit hesitant with starting this new program. I usually don’t like starting new things. I thought that this was just going to be another program that I would end up quitting after it finished. But, after my first week with elevateHER, I realized it wasn’t going to be another program I would quit. I felt like I was a part of a group. I usually never feel that way with a program. After the first month or less, I got more comfortable with everyone and started having more fun than before.”

    Meghan, age 14
    an elevateHER member

  • I am so grateful for your organization!! You have given my daughter things she didn’t know she could do and excel at. She loves doing things with the other girls outdoors. Thank you for taking her under your wings!!!”

    parent of an elevateHER member

In Action

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