Mission in Action

Mission at Work:
elevateHER’s mission is to foster self-worth and grit in young women through mentoring, outdoor adventure, and holistic wellness programs.


“Research has consistently concluded that when females participate in outdoor recreation, they experience a range of benefits. Those who pursue outdoor recreation demonstrate higher levels of self-esteem, self-trust, self-worth, assertiveness, self-sufficiency, independence, confidence, empowerment, and body image as well as a greater sense of community and stress relief through interaction with the natural environment.” (Source)

Women also face a higher barrier to entry with access to outdoor pursuits, both in exposure to the experiences and greater risks for physical safety than their male counterparts. As such, our intention is to reach female-identifying youth of all walks of life who may otherwise not have been exposed to the outdoors during the pivotal years of adolescence. Investment in women is an investment in our future. Research shows that each additional year of schooling boosts women’s earnings by an average of 11.7 percent (versus 9.6 percent for men). In addition, “women can be powerful instruments of social change. When women are healthy, educated, and empowered, they are more likely to take leadership roles in the community.” (Source)

Not all of our elevateHER graduates will stay in Chaffee County. This means that our impact extends beyond Chaffee County because wherever they land, they will enter their adulthoods with a greater sense of self-worth, a belief in their potential, and the skills to stand on their own than they would have otherwise. We achieve this through our intentional blend of mentorship, adventure, and wellness programs.

How Are We Using Our Resources Effectively?

ElevateHER is a nonprofit that relies on grant funding, programs, and community donations. This multi-pillar approach gives us connection to our community, self-sufficiency, resilience, and accountability to
our goals. Our fundraising efforts have resulted in a healthy organization that can take meaningful stepsto achieve its goals while planning for future uncertainty.

With clever programming adjustments and new relationships, we
have trimmed down our overhead expenses while remaining invested in our staff; we could not achieve the mission without their dedication and hard work. Our community fundraising efforts include corporate sponsorship, in-person events, and individual donations, which resulted in a collective contribution of 27.5% of our fundraising in 2022.

Our programs are designed to remain accessible to all girls, regardless of their economic backgrounds. In 2021, we removed program fees for our empowerHER program, ensuring future generations of young women will be able to access our important programming.

Ways to Donate

The best way to donate is the way that is easiest for you! 

We accept in-kind donations, cash, check and credit cards through Give Lively.

  • We accept checks! Make a tax deductible donation today to elevateHER, PO Box 5118, Buena Vista, CO 81211.

  • Online (credit card or bank account) elevateHER Give Lively