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elevateHER exists for every girl, regardless of her experience of ability.  We are investing in the next generation of women and empowering them to be strong, confident, and self-aware. We encourage each girl to take on any challenge while building an appreciation and love for the outdoors and our community.

  • Our flagship empowerHER Program is run year-round in four- ten week sessions. This no cost program fosters a young women’s sense of adventure while empowering them to push themselves and create lasting bonds to support their positive self-worth. The empowerHER program is available to any girl in 6th-12th grade in Chaffee county and surrounding areas.

  • Our next empowerHER Programming session will be this summer, starting on May 29th, ending with an overnight Capstone expedition the first week of August. Over the course of 10-weeks, participants will be able to learn and expand on skills in hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, and more. 

  • Register Here for our Summer 2023 empowerHER Program

  • The inspireHER Program is designed to ignite a young womxn’s sense of adventure. Run in a clinic format, inspireHER is available to any girl entering 6th through 12th grades. Small clinic sizes allow our professionals to personalize instruction in a number of outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing and whitewater rafting.

    Fees vary and scholarships are available. 

  • This summer we are offering two overnight clinics in whitewater rafting and outdoor rock climbing. These three-day, two-night clinics are a great introduction to a new activity, as well as a way to build on previous skills. 

  • Register Here for our inspireHER Whitewater Rafting Clinic, June 30th-July 2nd

    Register Here for our inspireHER Outdoor Rock Climbing Clinic, June 9th-11th

  • Piloted in 2022, our leadHERship program is specifically designed to meet the needs of high school aged young womxn. This no cost program focuses on developing leadership and outdoor industry specific workforce skills, as well as building on technical skills in various activities. 

  • Our summer leadHERship Programming session begins on May 31st and ends with an overnight Capstone expedition the first week of August. Participants will meet once a week for 10-weeks and learn and build skills within mountain biking, rafting and whitewater kayaking, backpacking, rock climbing, and more. 

  • Register Here for our Summer 2023 leadHERship Program.